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Advertise in Atlanta School Guide and get results.

We don’t just reach your target audience, we deliver them right to your door.
Read our reviews from satisfied advertisers and put us to work for you.

“We love advertising in Atlanta School Guide. Parents come in with the magazine in their hands, so we know that it works for our school. It works great for us!” —Rebecca Williams, Director of Marketing and Communications, Mount Pisgah Christian School

“When it comes to marketing and advertising, we are very careful with our ad dollars and need to justify everywhere we spend our money. The Atlanta School Guide has always done great for us and we plan to continuing advertising with you for years to come. In fact, during one of the most difficult economic times for school enrollment, we’ve had a 40% increase in our enrollment this past year. Thank you for helping us reach our best year yet!” —Brian Boyd, Director of Communications, Tallulah Falls School (Boarding School)

We get positive feedback from prospective parents regarding your publications. You will definitely be in the mix when we begin talking about next year’s strategies.”
Merritt Smith, Director of Marketing & Communications, High Meadows School

“Landmark is intentional with marketing and in tracking results. We ask those who visit our school how they learned about Landmark. During the last two years we have enrolled families who learned about Landmark through the Atlanta School Guide.
—Paula W. Dobbs, Marketing Manager, Landmark Christian School

“Strategically, we have decided to advertise only with companies we can directly credit for new interest. Atlanta School Guide delivers a return on our money—we consistently have prospective parents attending our open houses after seeing our ad in your publication. Your guide seems to be the “E.F. Hutton” for schools looking to advertise in the Metro Atlanta area.” —Sarah Christopher, Director of Advancement, Eastminster School

“We are getting great results from the Atlanta School Guide. We’ve increased enrollment a great deal this year, and credit your publication in large part for that. We have noticed that the Atlanta School Guide serves as a “litmus test” for our school. Our families are referring to your publication for validation of what we offer. The Atlanta School Guide has really helped to increase visibility in our community, and we greatly appreciate it!” —Kellie Nunley, Director of Admissions, Atlanta North School

We have had many inquiries and new applicants from parents who saw our ad in Atlanta School Guide. We appreciate your enthusiasm and your commitment to making sure we are getting the best advertising for our money. The articles and information in the guide make it a great resource for parents.” —Karen Powell, Admissions Director, Arlington Christian School

“The only place we advertise our field trips and school groups business in Atlanta is with Atlanta School Guide . . . because we get people who mention your publication.” —Caprece Clinton, Marketing Director, Desoto Caverns Park

We are getting great results from advertising in Atlanta School Guide. We get calls every month from people interested in receiving information or enrolling in our school. We’ve tried advertising in other publications before but we haven’t gotten anything from them. Yours really works! And yours works the best for us. Your company has truly blessed our school. Thank you!” —Jessica Henley, Founder & Director, Creative Career Academy

We’ve been getting calls on our summer camp from our Atlanta School Guide ad! Great!! We will definitely keep it up!” —Stefanie Smith, Co Founder, Executive Director, Alexsander Academy

“As we track our ads against our inquires, we get people mentioning that they saw us in your publications. We have also been advertising our summer camp in your guide, which more than doubled in attendance this past year.” —Cassandra Streich, Admissions Director, Atlanta Girls’ School

My enrollment has increased this year by 50%. You guys rock! Thank you for the boost you gave us.” —Felicia Payton, Owner, Little Scholars Academy of Atlanta

“The Atlanta School Guide has proven to be an invaluable and effective marketing tool for our school. In fact, many families have found Mount Paran by using the guide and have ended up applying here. —Kathleen McCook, Director of Marketing & Communications, Mount Paran Christian School

“Advertising with Atlanta School Guide and Newcomer magazine allows us to reach a wider market than we typically reach. I will soon be discontinuing all of our other metro-wide marketing. But I feel it’s vital to maintain one metro-wide marketing relationship, and your publications are the ones within which I am most comfortable maintaining our presence.
—Amy Riley, Director of Admissions, The Heritage School

“Since our initial advertisement with you we have received several references to your publication from our new incoming families. Thank you for your great publication and also for making it so easy to advertise.” —Mary Schoppman, Development and P.R., Saint Francis School

“We have received greater success from advertising in Atlanta School Guide than from any other publication we currently advertise in. We ask every caller how they found us, and so far, I can attribute 50 new clients directly to our ad in your publication. —Dennis Freeman, Owner & Director, In-Home Tutors

We are very pleased with our ad with the Atlanta School Guide, and I must say, of all the vendors I work with each year, you by far surpass them all when it comes to customer follow-up and loyalty! Thank you!! We will continue to do business with you for these reasons.” —Adriane Seymour, Director of Communications & Public Relations, Riverside Military Academy

“We decided to advertise in the Atlanta School Guide because it is the best school guide I’ve seen in many years, and I’ve been involved in independent school marketing and admissions since 1991!” —Fred McGaughan, The Knox School, St. James, New York (Boarding School)

We have been amazed at the number of people who have said they saw Hebron Christian Academy’s ad in the Atlanta School Guide and also Newcomer magazine. That is exactly the result we wanted: for others to see the school and recognize all that we offer our students. Advertising in your magazines have given the school the unique opportunity to reach a very specific audience of Atlanta parents and also new residents who’ve relocated to our area.” —Deborah Lee, Director of Advancement, Hebron Christian Academy

As a result of advertising with you, we’ve gained new subscribers to our Young People’s Concert series and attendees to our summer camp that have seen us in the Atlanta School Guide. I feel like I get a great value with your publication. It also has a wide reach of our target market and hits the exact demographic we want to capture.” —Catherine Giel, Education Manager, Spivey Hall

“Shortly after our ad was placed in Atlanta School Guide, we received a significant increase in our school’s enrollment. Needless to say, we will continue advertising in your publication!” —Roxane Stevenson, Enrollment Director, Kennesaw Charter Science & Math Academy

“I had a customer come in today, set the Atlanta School Guide down on my counter, and say, ‘I saw you in the Atlanta School Guide and I want to register my child!’” —Kim Belt, Owner & Director, Academic Advantage Tutoring

“We decided to advertise in Atlanta School Guide to directly target our market; affluent parents in metro Atlanta and Georgia. Your magazine is professionally done and appeals to my audience. Since advertising with you, we’ve received a significant amount of inquiries from Georgia. Due to the results of your publication, for the first time ever, we have scheduled presentations in Atlanta.” —Tony Hinojosa, Director of Admissions, Marine Military Academy (Boarding School)

Atlanta School Guide has given us good exposure to prospective clients. Not only that, but your distribution is excellent: You can find ASG in most supermarkets, doctors’ offices and other places where moms often go.” —Janice Sinclair, Head of Education/Owner, Gerard Preparatory School

“We decided to advertise in Atlanta School Guide to expand our field trip market to the Atlanta area. Since advertising with you we’ve increased the number of field trips, and increased our revenue! Your publication is a great resource for teachers and parents.” —Caprece Clinton, Marketing Manager, Desoto Caverns Park, Alabama

“We ask all families considering enrollment how they learned about our school. Newcomer magazine and the Atlanta School Guide are the sources most often mentioned. Needless to say, we want to make the best use of our advertising dollars, and we all agree that these two publications are the best choice for us. No other publications have been as effective in helping us communicate to prospective families. —Lynne Floyd, Director of Development, Eastside Christian School

We have our first booked tour from a school group in Atlanta who saw our ad in your Atlanta School Guide!” —Ann Moore, President and Executive Director, The Foxfire Museum and Heritage Center

After advertising in your publication we actually had families visiting us that said they saw our ad in the Atlanta School Guide. We like working with you because of your excitement and passion for what you do! Your publication is great. Your service is great. Thanks!” —Jack Hibbs, Principal, Faith Lutheran School

A lot of families at our school tours found us from our ad in your magazine. We don’t advertise anywhere else—the Atlanta School Guide does it all for us! The staff is always on top of things, sends out friendly reminders and are just genuinely pleased to have our business.” —Jessica Hayslip, Director, Peachtree Road Lutheran Preschool

“We immediately decided to advertise in Atlanta School Guide when one of our follow-up teacher surveys indicated that your publication was one of the top sources they used to plan their field trips and outreach programs. —Laurel Askue, Manager of Education Marketing and Development, Zoo Atlanta

“We can’t often tell if advertising is working, but in this case, I’d have to say the Atlanta School Guide is doing its job! As a result of the many inquiries we’ve received from the Atlanta area, we are considering hosting informational fairs for our boarding school there.”
—Celeste Brooks, Public Relations, Randolph-Macon Academy, Front Royal, Virginia (Boarding School)

The ad concept and design that your company created for us is literally ringing the phones off the hook. Our ad is working! Your publication has proven to be a great success for us!” —Shelley Margow, Marketing Director, Children’s Therapy Works

The Atlanta School Guide is the best marketing and advertising our school has ever done!—Kristen Mullen, Admission Director, Peachtree Road Lutheran School Preschool

The Atlanta School Guide is the only publication we advertise in that is exclusively dedicated to education. You produce a quality piece that has very strong distribution.” —Brian Uitvlugt, Vice President/Admissions, Eaton Academy

After running our first ad in your publication, we received over 30 phone calls within the first two months. Not only that, but they specifically mentioned that they called because they saw our ad in the Atlanta School Guide. We are extremely pleased with the effectiveness and the results of your publication!” —Chris King, Head of School, Arlington Christian School

“I enjoy your enthusiasm and your accommodation. You all are very enjoyable to work with, and you also put out great magazines. Both Atlanta School Guide and Newcomer magazine are very well done. They are at the top of our list for our client Woodward Academy.—Jenna Downey, Account Services, Nolen and Associates (Ad Agency for Woodward Academy)

The Atlanta School Guide has become the standard for information about Metro Atlanta’s public and independent schools. Informative articles, school listings and display advertisements provide parents the details that assist them in the search for a school that best meets their children’s needs.” —Paul Stockhammer, President, Brandon Hall School

“The Ads we ran in both your Newcomer magazine and Atlanta School Guide completely accomplished our goals of increasing our students. Now we are packed and have an abundance of students.” —Maria Lewis, Public Information Officer, City Schools of Decatur

“I am a parent first and foremost; and I am a picky parent at that. I understand what parents need and want. I also understand the resources they use to look for this type of information. After running only our first ad in your Atlanta School Guide the response has not only been encouraging but overwhelming. We received 43 calls or emails within the first 30 days that I can trace specifically from your magazine. —Jackie Ubiles, Founder, Little Linguists International Preschool

Out of all the marketing dollars we spend, the most success we’ve seen has come from the Atlanta School Guide. We have families come in for a tour and they have your publication in their hand. Even when we’re out at community events we have many people tell us they’ve seen us in Atlanta School Guide. We plan to continue advertising with you because we know it works!” —Vasily V. Lantukh, Marketing & Promotions, Friendship Christian School

After advertising in the Atlanta School Guide, we received many calls about field trips from schools and churches. On another note, I love your upbeat attitude and your prompt attention.” —Dyanne L. Carpenter, Executive Director, Johns Creek Arts Center

Atlanta School Guide has exceptional demographics and distribution. Your market is a good niche, which allows us to easily reach parents. Being able to directly target our market really sets your publication out from the pack. We also include a coupon code on our ads and are seeing them being used. —Daniel Summers, Marketing Director, Center for Puppetry Arts

“We are extremely pleased with our advertising in the Atlanta School Guide. Not only have we received a considerable increase in inquiries about our school, but we have also enrolled 20 new students within our first 6 months of advertising in your publication. Thank you very much!”
—Maki Brown, Assistant Business Manager, Seigakuin Atlanta International School

We have been getting a great response from our ad in the Atlanta School Guide in terms of inquiries for our services. Thank you!” —Alicia Francois-Calhoun, Owner, Francal Consulting Group

“I am so excited about the increased enrollment we are experiencing, and your publications have contributed to this! Advertising has not only helped our school receive a record number of inquiries, but it has also helped us reach near capacity for our next school year. Thank you for making this process easy for a busy principal.” —Barbara Hines, Principal, Covenant Christian School

Atlanta School Guide is a good publication. We’ve received several appointments from prospective parents from advertising in it. You and your staff are friendly and helpful, and never seem to have an obstacle that can’t be overcome.” —Terri Brooks, Director of Admissions, Cumberland Academy

We have gotten new students from advertising in your Atlanta School Guide. You guys are very friendly and great to work with.” —Joe White, Administrator, Praise Academy

We’ve had several people contact our school because they saw our ad in the Atlanta School Guide. —Betsy Box, Executive Director, The Bedford School

“We enjoy working with Atlanta School Guide because you consistently deliver what you promise. Your magazine has helped us increase exposure for our vacation and study tour programs from the Atlanta region. —Bill Tipton, Executive Director, Brunswick & the Golden Isles CVB

“The Atlanta School Guide is a fantastic way to advertise our school. We’ve experienced the benefit of acquiring new students from advertising in your magazine.
—Pam Mazikowski, Admissions Director, North Cobb Christian School

“It is always great to work with your company. Your follow-up and follow-through are excellent. We think very highly of the Atlanta School Guide in terms of quality and effectiveness. You have certainly proven its value in the marketplace. —Amy Wiles, Director of Marketing & Development, First Montessori School of Atlanta

“I think the Atlanta School Guide is a great publication. We have received several
enrollments directly from advertising with you. We have also gotten great feedback from our clients who have seen us in your publication.” —Deena Budd, Principal, Atlanta Ballet Centre for Dance Education

The Atlanta School Guide has allowed us to increase exposure for our educational arts programs and to reach our target market economically. We like the high quality of your publication, the large distribution and the friendly staff.” —Jihan Francois, Director of Marketing & Communications, Young Audiences, Woodruff Arts Center

Our presence in the Atlanta School Guide has greatly contributed to getting the word out about our school and has allowed us to directly reach families who live in our area. Your company provides great customer service—the staff members always have positive attitudes! I can’t tell you how many other publications I have to manage due to poor customer service.” — Jill Freeman, Director of Communications, Cliff Valley School

We advertise in the Atlanta School Guide because of the great exposure and awareness it has brought our school. In addition, the fabulous staff and customer service make working with your company a very enjoyable experience!” —Lory Pendergrast, Director of Development & Marketing, The Heritage School

“The Atlanta School Guide is a great marketing tool for schools. It is a well-produced, focused and targeted publication. I like that I see the guides out in strategically placed, desirable locations everywhere I go. We have gotten a positive response from people who have seen our ad in your magazine. —Coleen Lou, Communications Coordinator, The Epstein School

“The Atlanta School Guide has been a good tool for us to reach parents of school-age children who are interested in the programs our city has to offer. Your publication has helped us reach a larger audience and create name recognition among area households. —Julia McPherson, Economic Development Coordinator, City of Kennesaw

“I just received the new issue of Atlanta School Guide and guess what? You probably
already knew this would happen, but my first inquiry came this morning as a result of our first ad in your publication! Thanks again!” —Cynthia Boveland, Principal, Fayette Christian School


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