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Character Education

Creating More than Just Good Students

By Daniel Beauregard

For many parents, a good education means much more than academics. While reading, math and science are all important, having their child learn about such values as kindness, respect and empathy for others is just as important, if not more so. Fortunately, most Atlanta-area public and independent schools incorporate some form of character education in their curricula, placing an emphasis on guiding children to become caring, involved members of society.

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The Charter School Advantage

Offering Parents Better Education Options

By Kevin Forest Moreau

Parents searching for a school for their child used to have just two options: independent schools and public schools. While each model has its strengths, many parents found themselves wishing for a third option: one with the flexibility of an independent school, but open to any student, free of charge.

These days, parents have more options than ever before. Charter schools are one such option, offering the best of both worlds. These schools are becoming more common throughout Georgia, and they offer a variety of educational approaches to fit a child’s individual learning needs.

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Finding a Special Needs School

Selecting the Right Fit for Children with Learning Difficulties

By Donna Neale

Choosing a school for your child can be a complex process for any family, but it’s especially true if your son or daughter has a learning disability or struggles to learn effectively in a conventional school setting. Identifying the nature of your child’s difficulties and sorting through available educational options can be daunting tasks.

Fortunately, the Atlanta area boasts a large number of public and independent schools equipped to address the challenges that these students can face, from specific disabilities such as autism, dyslexia and speech and hearing difficulties to emotional and behavior disorders.

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