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Preparing Students for a Career


By Anna Bentley

For many high school students, deciding on a possible career can be a daunting decision. The options seem almost endless, and it can be hard to successfully translate interests into viable career options. Luckily, Georgia’s public and independent schools are dedicated to helping students wade the sometimes-murky waters of career preparation. By implementing special programs, offering enriching co-curricular activities and developing personal connections with students, Georgia’s schools are committed to getting students on the path to a bright future.

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Rising to the Challenge

What Local Schools Are Doing to Keep Kids Safe Amid the Pandemic

By Justine Lookenott

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought challenges—and changes—to many parts of our daily lives over the past several months, from working in offices to grocery shopping to dining out. One of those areas facing the most significant challenges has undoubtedly been education.

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Building Strong Study Habits

Helping Your Child Learn Effectively

By Susan Flowers

There are many elements that contribute to a student’s educational success, including finding the right school, building a strong relationship with your child’s teachers and even encouraging a child’s participation in extracurricular activities. But one of the most important components of a thriving educational career is the establishment of good study habits. Educational achievement hinges on parental involvement that evolves to fit the child’s needs, from the first day of first grade to high school graduation and beyond.

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The Road to College

Steps to Take to Prepare Early

By Michelle Bourg

Attending college has long been a cornerstone of the American dream, and the majority of students hope to do so. But the path to getting there is a winding and long one: educators and college admissions officers recommend that planning for college begin when a child reaches sixth grade. For modern families, the three keys to navigating the path to college successfully are being proactive, organization and communication.

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Easing Into A New School

How To Ensure A Smooth Transition

By Michelle Bourg

As the old saying goes, “Nothing is constant except change.” All change requires some adjustment, and a move is right up at the top of the list. This can be difficult for adults, let alone for children, who thrive on routine and have fewer coping skills. From preschool to college, starting or changing schools is a dramatic— potentially traumatic—milestone. School is where children establish an identity and relationships outside the family; changing schools means establishing them all over again. When you combine this with a move, the stress levels can increase exponentially.

However, there are simple strategies you can follow to ease your family’s transition to both a new home and a new school.

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Technology in the Classroom

How Students Are Learning in the Digital Age

By E. Marcel Pourtout

As technology evolves, it continues to change the ways that people interact with one another—and the ways in which they exchange and absorb information. That’s particularly true in today’s classrooms, where teachers incorporate technological advances to create interactive learning environments that parents are likely to find very different from their own school experiences.

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Standardized Tests

How to Help Your Child Succeed

By E. Marcel Pourtout

Standardized tests are a fact of life for children in both public and independent schools. A standardized test is one that is administered and graded in a consistent manner, usually given to students across an entire school or school system or even nationally, as opposed to one created by a teacher for a specific class.

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How To Interview A New School

Questions To Ask To Find The Right Fit

By H.m. Cauley

For parents looking for educational options for their children, one of the best developments in education is the availability of a wider range of school choices than ever before. At the same time, this abundance of choice can be the source of stress when searching for a school, as parents work to weigh a greater number of alternatives objectively.

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Making The Grade

Taking The Stress Out Of Homework

By Michelle Bourg

Back in the day, homework was something kids could do before dinner— a page of math problems and maybe a chapter of reading, done with the radio or TV on. Not any more: today’s academic environment is much more challenging, designed to help students meet the demands of a rapidly changing world. Homework is an integral part of that process. In addition, students encounter more demands on their time, with sports, clubs and community service frequently on the agenda. This means that handling homework efficiently while truly learning from it is an essential skill to learn.

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Montessori Education

A Hands-On Approach To Education

By Phil Keeling

Navigating Atlanta’s educational landscape means discovering many types of schools with descriptions that may sound somewhat familiar: magnet, charter and special needs are just a few. One type of school that’s gaining more popularity in the metro area is Montessori education, named for Maria Montessori, an Italian physician and educator. These independent schools are rooted in the concept that children learn best through hands-on exploration that they follow at their own pace.

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