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St. Margaret’s School

Belong. Believe. Become.

St. Margaret’s School, located in Virginia, is a small boarding and day school for girls in grades 8-12 that believes in the value of educating the whole girl—intellectually, physically, socially, creatively and spiritually; seeking to inspire each student to make the best of herself, and in so doing, make a better world.

Since 1921, St. Margaret’s has called Tappahannock home. On the banks of the Rappahannock River, Tappahannock is a charming, historic, small town with a big heart. Students love walking to nearby restaurants, shops, markets, beauty salons, and more. The location also provides unique learning opportunities in both the local natural environment and in neighboring metropolitan areas such as Richmond and Washington, D.C. A recently developed program features the river as a kind of living laboratory, providing hands-on academic exploration, co-curricular activities, water sports, and environmental science.

St. Margaret’s academic program has been designed to prepare girls for success in college and beyond, by fostering lifelong intellectual curiosity. Because each girl learns differently, students are encouraged to develop their intellectual strengths and build study skills through small classes assigned according to readiness rather than grade level. Field studies allow for a variety of innovative, experiential lessons through programs like minimester, river days, and independent study projects. Academic support is available every day, and the Honor Code inspires students to act responsibly and support each other. Above all, the ultimate goal for an SMS girl is to be an independent thinker.

Athletics, arts, and extra-curricular activities elevate the concept of educating the whole girl to another level, helping each student to find her own path as a well-rounded individual. At St. Margaret’s, the playing field is like a classroom, where student-athletes learn valuable lessons on the importance of teamwork, sportsmanship, and grit. Experienced coaches inspire girls to win without boasting and to lose without excuses. The athletic program embraces students preparing for college athletics and students just looking to try something new, and any goal in between. As for the arts, offerings are equally vast and impressive: music, drama, dance, and fine arts. No matter which creative outlet a girl prefers, the arts program provides an environment where students can build skills, experiment, and refine their artistic vision. SMS artists enrich the surrounding community by participating in art-themed service projects, performances, and local contests. Student clubs and after-school activities offer more ways for students to express themselves creatively, challenge themselves physically and mentally, and discover new interests.

An SMS education is an experience, and an important part of this experience happens outside the classroom – in residence halls, club meetings, spirit events, or just relaxing on the river with friends. Students celebrate their place in St. Margaret’s history through a series of traditions; some are fun, some are serious, but all are a way of celebrating lifelong friendships and what it means to be a part of a community they love. In addition, St. Margaret’s history as a church school equips students with the moral and social foundation to approach today’s world with a sense of grace, honor, and purpose.

Joining the supportive community of St. Margaret’s School opens the door to new possibilities and inspires girls to push themselves in ways they have never imagined. St. Margaret’s girls are encouraged to be authentic, confident, innovative, and fun – but most importantly, they are encouraged simply to be themselves. Contact the Office of Admission today at to arrange a visit to St. Margaret’s beautiful riverside campus.

St. Margaret’s School actively seeks and admits qualified students of any race, color, religious affiliation, national or ethnic origin.

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