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The Charter School Advantage

Offering Parents Better Education Options

By Kevin Forest Moreau

Parents searching for a school for their child used to have just two options: independent schools and public schools. While each model has its strengths, many parents found themselves wishing for a third option: one with the flexibility of an independent school, but open to any student, free of charge.

These days, parents have more options than ever before. Charter schools are one such option, offering the best of both worlds. These schools are becoming more common throughout Georgia, and they offer a variety of educational approaches to fit a child’s individual learning needs.

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Finding a Special Needs School

Selecting the Right Fit for Children with Learning Difficulties

By Donna Neale

Choosing a school for your child can be a complex process for any family, but it’s especially true if your son or daughter has a learning disability or struggles to learn effectively in a conventional school setting. Identifying the nature of your child’s difficulties and sorting through available educational options can be daunting tasks.

Fortunately, the Atlanta area boasts a large number of public and independent schools equipped to address the challenges that these students can face, from specific disabilities such as autism, dyslexia and speech and hearing difficulties to emotional and behavior disorders.

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Finding the Right Balance


By H.M. Cauley

We live in a fast-paced world, with many parents struggling to balance the demands of home life and a busy career. And that world is increasingly affecting our children, who are enrolled in extracurricular activities and organized sports in an effort to help them become well-rounded individuals and increase their chances of getting into a good college. On top of that, changing to a new school can bring the added pressures of fitting in and making new friends.

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Acing the College Admissions Process


By Anna Bentley

It’s a topic on the minds of many high-school students and their parents: college admissions. With an ever-growing number of prospective college students—and an average of seven to 10 applications per student—colleges are seeing more competition than ever before. So, how do students stand out in the sea of applicants? According to some of metro Atlanta’s college and admissions counselors, the strongest applications are ones that show a pattern of success—and a little personality.

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Tackling the Bully Problem


By Laura Raines

The educational experience is constantly changing, as technology and teaching methods evolve. But one aspect of school life remains as present as reading, writing and arithmetic—bullying. It’s a problem that torments many children, and can have long-lasting effects long beyond a child’s school years. Fortunately, public and independent Atlanta schools have procedures in place to deal with the issue and aim to tackle the problem through their curricula as well.

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Is Private School Best for Your Child?


By Karin Pendley Koser

Deciding how their children will be educated is a major concern for most Atlanta parents, sometimes starting as early as pregnancy, when some place their children on daycare waiting lists before they’re even born. Some parents purchase their homes in communities known for their excellent public schools, while others hope for the best in their existing neighborhoods.

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Finding Your Child’s Learning Style


By Michelle Bourg

You check in on your kids, and it’s a typical scene: Your oldest is buried in a book and oblivious to “Sesame Street” blasting from the TV as your middle child recites along. Meanwhile, your youngest has taken the game controller apart. All children have their own ways of processing information, or what educational theorists commonly call learning styles. By getting a sense of how your child learns best— their learning style—you can help them study and learn more effectively and achieve and build on success at school.

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Preparing Students for a Career


By Anna Bentley

For many high school students, deciding on a possible career can be a daunting decision. The options seem almost endless, and it can be hard to successfully translate interests into viable career options. Luckily, Georgia’s public and independent schools are dedicated to helping students wade the sometimes-murky waters of career preparation. By implementing special programs, offering enriching co-curricular activities and developing personal connections with students, Georgia’s schools are committed to getting students on the path to a bright future.

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Rising to the Challenge

What Local Schools Are Doing to Keep Kids Safe Amid the Pandemic

By Justine Lookenott

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought challenges—and changes—to many parts of our daily lives over the past several months, from working in offices to grocery shopping to dining out. One of those areas facing the most significant challenges has undoubtedly been education.

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Building Strong Study Habits

Helping Your Child Learn Effectively

By Susan Flowers

There are many elements that contribute to a student’s educational success, including finding the right school, building a strong relationship with your child’s teachers and even encouraging a child’s participation in extracurricular activities. But one of the most important components of a thriving educational career is the establishment of good study habits. Educational achievement hinges on parental involvement that evolves to fit the child’s needs, from the first day of first grade to high school graduation and beyond.

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